What is Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ)?

Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ) refers to the type of intelligence that a successful entrepreneur develops as they progress into business building and business leadership. When developed, EnQ assists to clear the complexity out of the entrepreneurial world for business owners.

The room was captivated as you took everyone on an insightful and entertaining journey to clear all the complexity out of the entrepreneurial world. The delivery of a clear path for entrepreneurs to follow and in fact all businesses really struck a chord with those in the room as you explained “The Path of The Lion” and the ability to develop “entrepreneurial intelligence” (EnQ) in order to develop and build a business successfully”.

Mark Futter, Chief Executive, Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce

Why is EnQ necessary?

Research suggests that around 80% of entrepreneurs worldwide operate in the category of “failing slowly”. Whilst the primary reason for entrepreneurial failure is put down to “incompetence” it is far more likely that the majority of those failing are simply overwhelmed and inefficient. These common states are clear symptoms of a lack of focus and awareness. Developing EnQ creates focus and awareness. Together these traits function to guide decision-making processes to build and sustain successful businesses.

The concept of EnQ is an exciting one and Sandy’s work comes at a crucial time as entrepreneurship promises to play an increasingly important role in the future of business worldwide”.

Matt Church, Founder , Thought Leaders Global 

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How can I learn to develop my EnQ?

EnQ is learned effectively by following the Path of the Lion, which empowers entrepreneurs by the creation of understandable context and simple tools, to step up and lead, as creative and courageous pioneers in what can be an overwhelming and lonely environment with few roadmaps available.

EnQ Practice offers 2 distinctive roadmaps to choose from through our membership site: Lion Space. Please click here for the details of the options available to you.

Every aspiring entrepreneur and business owner will gain wonderful insight through Sandy Geyer’s ability to provide complex and proven success concepts in bite-size, practical and understandable format. The Path of the Lion is packed full of easy-to-relate-with examples, stories, metaphors and models that explain the power of Entrepreneurial Intelligence.” 

 David Penglase, author Amazon best-seller Intentionomics.

Sandy Geyer’s “Path of the Lion” is a brilliant read for anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur, or who feels like they’re tangled in the undergrowth or mired in the quicksand of the entrepreneurial jungle. Filled with wisdom that can only be learned and passed on by those who “walk their talk”, Sandy is the real deal”.

Richard Liew, Founder, NZ Entrepreneur Magazine.