How EnQ and Path of the Lion can help Business Owners across industries

It’s really easy for business owners to find themselves in an isolated and lonely space in their role as the business leader. It’s challenging to be “everything to everyone” whilst maintaining the two most important ingredients to business navigation, i.e. creative thinking and a clear head space.

The most immediate option to most business owners is work with a mentor. Whilst this might be an effective shorter term solution, at EnQ Practice we believe that business longevity is best founded upon as much self reliance as possible and self reliance results from having a high level of Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ).

The Path of the Lion teaches a specific process to develop EnQ for business owners.

But there are a gazillion resources, at the touch of a button, for self help for business owners, so why is Path of the Lion different?

Here is why we have a unique and relevant offering:

  • We take into account that “one size does not fit all”. We are all different and therefore we need to take our uniqueness into account when learning how to structure a business effectively. This is successfully addressed in Path of the Lion in the “4 Entrepreneurial Species” section of the book and workshop. Our 4 entrepreneurial species analogies translate the entrepreneurial environment to be easily understood. There is also an online assessment available for you to accurately identify your own tendencies.

  • The one person we learn the least about during our formative years and education is ourselves. This missing ingredient in most businesses leads directly to the 90% failure rate recorded in most new business ventures. Path of the Lion teaches you about who you are as the most critical foundation to your business journey.

  • We teach you where to look and not what to see. Due to this approach we are relevant to business leadership across industries and we set you up to continue in a self reliant manner. The tools you learn in Path of the Lion will assist you develop traits critical to successful entrepreneurship such as resilience, drive, commitment and focus.

  • Very few business owners can operate to a high reward level in isolation and most need to surround themselves with the right people to leverage way above their individual capacity. No matter how much you like or dislike other people naturally, we will teach you exactly how to structure the right ones around you, for your optimum business growth.

  • Over 95% of all business owners hate numbers and consequently avoid hem. (We know this from all the accountants we have worked with). We teach you how to effectively monitor the number really important to know, at all times – your bottom line. Bottom line awareness is a navigational tool critical to effective business leadership within a changing environment.

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But don’t just take our word for it…
Feedback comments from the Path of the Lion Workshop attendees:

You can develop your EnQ in one of 3 ways:

  • Contact us at to find out how to enroll in a workshop in your area.

  • Go straight to the Products Page and order your own hard copy or e-Book.

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