Registering for COE- Empowerment Through Emotional Intelligence Training for Educators and Learners

Once an assessment and training fee has been agreed with your company or school you will be given a voucher to access the COE assessment and download your reports. To gain access to the assessment and reports (and to be able to return at any time) you will be required to complete a registration process.

Follow these steps for a simple registration process:

  1. Go to and select the COE Membership on the EnQPractice products page
  2. Don’t worry about the payment of $150 showing, your discount coupon, if you have one will reduce this to zero. We just need you to complete the registration process so that you can get a user name and password to return to the site in future if you need to
  3. Add to cart
  4. Type in the voucher/coupon number if you have one. The coupon will and will reduce the amount payable to zero or the price that has been agreed to.
  5. Register your details
  6. Proceed to checkout.
  7. Click on the COE tab under the Lion’s eyes on the EnQPractice home page and you should see the COE Assessment and reports tab appear. You can now complete the assessment and download the reports that match your result.

If you have any problems with the registration process please email us lionspace and we will respond within 24 hours to assist.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service available on the site.

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