How EnQPractice can help Corporate Leaders across industries

Effective corporate leadership presents the ongoing challenge of leading individuals of different generations and with a variety of experiences and skill sets to a common purpose, within an inner organisational culture and an outer dynamic environment.

At EnQPractice we offer Path of the Corporate Pride, an empowering, time effective and progressive solution designed to instill Shared Ownership Leadership for your team.

Currently we find 4 “types” of organisational leadership styles,

  • The boxes based leadership style
  • The security based leadership style
  • The individual based leadership style
  • The purpose based Leadership style

These styles are (often unconsciously) shaped by the level of self-awareness and team awareness of the organisational leaders themselves.

Purpose based leaders are far more likely to engage effectively in Shared Ownership Leadership and we therefore aim to develop all your leaders to this level as a priority.

EnQPractice works with Corporates as follows:

  • There is a consultation process between EnQ and the company to identify where the current leadership strategies could be improved with our model. This is a form of “leadership gap analysis”. This consultation is also an opportunity for the organisational culture, purpose and goals to be confirmed, relevant to current economic conditions, to provide a specific and relevant context for the EnQ model.
  • The EnQ Shared Ownership Leadership model is used for the foundation template to create the company’s unique “organisational pawprint”. This pawprint comprises of the organisational culture, teams and individuals in a powerfully designed blend.
  • Like every natural pawprint, each organisational pawprint will be unique. The defining process of this model will entail the contribution of existing company leadership initiatives and the EnQPractice training offerings to maximise the results in the most cost effective and time effective manner for the company.
  • A measuring/feedback system is designed by EnQPractice to suit the corporate context and goals of the training provided.
  • In smaller companies an EnQPractice facilitator will run the workshops directly with leadership team/s. In a larger organisations an EnQPractice facilitator will train internal trainers accordingly. Workshops are expected to be between 3 and 5 full training days in length, to instill the shared ownership leadership model successfully.

There are a many resources available on business leadership, many at the touch of a button, what makes EnQPractice different?

  • We look at successful business leadership without the industry “boxes” which provides a fresh perspective to your specific challenges.
  • We work with your organisation to identify and then transition the common dis-empowering styles of leadership, as listed above, to the shared ownership leadership style.
  • Like each natural paw print, your organisational paw print is unique to you, and we work with you to craft it by effectively combining the three areas critical to creating shared ownership leadership within your leadership team.
  • We place a unique and relevant measuring system in place for you to ensure that your full pride get to feed off their efforts and results of their collective leadership efforts.
  • We take into account that one size does not fit all!
    Path of the Corporate Pride is designed, in house, with your unique team needs and dynamics to unleash the full power of your pride with our models functioning as a powerful foundation.

You can develop your Corporate EnQ in one of 3 ways:

  • Contact us at
  • Go straight to the Products Page and order your own hard copy or e-Book version of Path of the Corporate Pride (this is soon to be available). If not available yet, email us at to be placed on the first priority waiting list.
  • Have a look at our Facilitators Page and contact the closest facilitator to you to start a conversation about how we can help you.

Path of the Corporate Pride is original and progressive work, designed by thought leader Sandy Geyer to empower corporate leaders, as a pride, with the powerful traits of the EnQ “Lion on the Hill” from her book, Path of the Lion.

Sandy spent her early career in a corporate environment before pursuing her entrepreneurial path and has first hand corporate training experience from her work in sales and communication skills before she released her first business book, Path of the Lion.

The below comments are from these workshops.

Feedback comments from Corporate Workshop attendees:

“Sandy’s training was outstanding, she is a great communicator and the skills learnt are so practical it can be applied not only within a business but also your personal life. The feedback from our team was very positive, they are now more confident and are able to communicate more confidently and effectively. Thanks Sandy, your training was well worth it.”

Steve Hanna, Marketing Manager, Energy Options Limited, NZ

“Sandy is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter who is genuinely interested in the development of every person in the group. Her experience and knowledge is obvious and the material hits the mark by providing information and practical skills to apply every day. We all benefited from attending Sandy’s courses.”

Mark Gilberd, Director, CKL Planning /Surveying / Engineering, NZ

“We found Sandy Geyer to be an enthusiastic trainer whose knowledge base we would recommend to any other organisation.”

Deanne Holdsworth, Business Unit Manager,  Alto Packaging LTD NZ

“Sandy’s professionalism is superb and her enthusiasm rubbed off on all of us The session was enlightening and a lot of fun. We as individuals felt more empowered and motivated. We would recommend Sandy to any company.”

Trina McDermott, Sales and Marketing Manager, Instrument Supplies NZ

“Sandy is a leader, an organizer, excellent communicator and an accomplished businesswoman. Her strengths are in leadership training and her passion for leadership, human development and achievement is limitless.”

Patrick K O’Shea CEO
The O’Shea Group of Companies (SA, UK)