Our EnQ Facilitators

One of the core philosophies of EnQ teaches the necessity of placing the right people around the business leader – people with a strong sense of self-awareness, a relevant skill set, progressive thinking and a shared purpose. EnQPractice is no different!

These are the people that we choose to work with due to their expertise, powerful thinking and dedication to making a difference to their world.

Clients are invited to contact any of our facilitators (in-house or other) directly to start a conversation about how our collective expertise might assist your business journey.

<h1>Marguerite Hull</h1>

Marguerite Hull

In-House EnQ and COE Facilitator and EnQ Project Manager

Margi is an experienced facilitator with a broad training background. Margi is passionate about making a difference by changing how people think, and more importantly, how they view themselves. As a long time business colleague with Sandy at Allcopy Publishers Pty Ltd, Margi played a significant role in introducing the Path of the Lion material to future business leaders through her project work. She has a strong vision for our future business leaders and plays a vital and supportive role to Sandy in her work in this area in South Africa.

Margi is a much valued, professional and compassionate member of the EnQ network.

Margi is based in Cape Town, South Africa and can be contacted at:
margi@enqpractice.com or margihull@tiscali.co.za
Cell: +27 84 587 0179

<h1>Debbie Jackson</h1>

Debbie Jackson

Professional Speaker, Facilitator and Life Coach

Debbie Jackson is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurial opportunities. Her 16 years experience as the manager of an international direct selling company has equipped her with a diverse and unique business perspective.

Debbie is an experienced presenter and facilitator to entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike, including Vodacom, Nedbank, Milpark Education and a variety of networking groups and NPO’s across industries.

Her unique experience has motivated, inspired and business readied many aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success in their businesses. She is also a CTM Toastmaster, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Debbie adds a valuable wealth of experience, drive and style to our EnQ network.

Debbie is based in Cape Town, South Africa and can be contacted directly at:
Cell: +27 82 8728777

<h1>Erich Hauptfleish</h1>

Erich Hauptfleish

Professional Educator and Entrepreneurial Advocate

Erich is a professional educator with a extensive range of experience in the public and private sector in South Africa and the United Kingdom. An accomplished track athlete with a creative side interest in film making, Erich is results-driven, highly motivated and effective in managing change, developing team spirit and mobilising large disciplinary teams. Erich is currently the Head of Business Studies and Entrepreneurship at St Stithians Boys College in South Africa and has played a major role in the piloting of the Path of the Lion material to school students in South Africa. Erich has completed his BA Honours degree majoring in Business Studies, as well as his undergraduate studies in Industrial Psychology and Sport Science. He also adds an MA in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of London (UK) to his impressive list of academic expertise.

With his compelling energy, passion to influence the teaching of entrepreneurship at schools and excellent presentation skills, Erich is a prized member of the EnQ network.

Erich is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa and can be contacted directly at:

<h1>Gavin Douglas</h1>

Gavin Douglas

CEO and Founder of Reach Business Advisory

Gavin is a qualified CA with a strong background in audit and a compelling desire to make a positive difference to business leadership and business growth in South Africa.

He has over 20 years first-hand experience of the technical aspects of accounting, audit and strategy for small to medium sized businesses. Gavin’s experience also extends to the owner and manager challenges experienced in start ups and more experienced businesses.

Gavin believes that making a positive contribution to other’s business journeys leaves a lasting impression and creates a rewarding relationship to further business development in South Africa.

With his diverse and in-depth business experience and focus, Gavin brings a valuable set of skills and insights to our EnQ network.

Gavin is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and can be contacted at:
Cell: +27 82 806 6802

<h1>Garth Farrant</h1>

Garth Farrant

Entrepreneur, Professional Musician and Pioneer for Student Entrepreneurial Development

After being appointed by the Minister of Higher Education in South Africa in 2002 to rewrite high school music, Garth was appointed by the South African Qualifications Authority to design the updates to the Higher Education Music Qualifications. Between 2006 and 2011 Garth established 4 branches around South Africa to bring the expertise of a leading international music school (Campus of Performing Arts) to the country’s budding musicians. He then founded Personal Development SA in 2015, offering a revolutionary sales training methodology to the wider South African market. In 2016 Garth went on to co-found the Campus of Business Excellence.
With his wide range of international training, commitment to the development of the youth of South Africa and his own business initiatives, Garth brings a significant set of expertise, dedicated drive and enormous enthusiasm to our EnQ network.

Garth is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and can be contacted at: farrantgarth@gmail.com

<h1>Courtney Farrant</h1>

Courtney Farrant

Assistant Trainer, facilitator and champion for the development of future business leaders

Courtney is the epitome of a young person with a strong sense of purpose and contribution. She has a passion to help people realise their true potential and become the best version of themselves.
Courtney has training experience in both the B.A.N.K. Methodology as well as EnQ Practice, and has spent much time in these training rooms to develop her own learning and proficiency.

Courtney’s vision is to inspire young adults to take the leap into a business environment whilst following their dreams and living out their passions.

Courtney’s valuable mix of youth experience, motivation and commitment to the development of others renders her a valued member of our EnQ network.

Courtney is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and can be contacted at: cjfarrant7@gmail.com

<h1>Lynn-Mari Blokker</h1>

Lynn-Mari Blokker

In-House Industrial Psychologist, EnQ Facilitator and Workshop designer

Lynn is a highly qualified Industrial Psychologist, learning development specialist and experienced facilitator who has played a vital role in the workshop development and application of the EnQ and COE material.

She is passionate about developing and optimising individual and team skills whilst contributing to make a positive difference to her world.

Lynn is a compassionate, focused and considerate facilitator who masterfully guides her participants through the thought-provoking and transformational learning processes of EnQ and COE.

EnQPractice values Lynn as a highly qualified, compassionate and creative member of our network.

Lynn is based in Auckland, New Zealand and can be contacted at:

<h1>Christa Swart</h1>

Christa Swart

Industrial psychologist, Entrepreneur and Young Entrepreneurship Advocate

As an economist Christa started her career at the DBSA where she worked towards the economic and social development of poor communities. As a (very) highly qualified Industrial Psychologist Christa has over 20 years of experience in organisational and leadership development within a wide range of corporates. Assisting government in the Presidency, Christa worked to reshape the role and function of the “ Youth Desk” for South Africa. As an entrepreneur herself with a consulting and clothing business, she has a passion to develop, equip and enable others, especially young people, to start their own businesses.

Christa’s academic expertise, corporate experiences, entrepreneurial drive and strong vision for empowering others makes her a passionate, valuable and insightful member of our EnQ network.

Christa is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and can be contacted at:
Cell: +27 82 459 5994

<h1>Lee-Anne Jones</h1>

Lee-Anne Jones

Human Resources Management

With a passion for engaging and inspiring people, Lee-Anne left the corporate world in 2011, after a 20 year tenure, to start her own entrepreneurial journey by providing HR and Training solutions to various sized organisations within the Eastern Cape.

Lee-Anne’s background of Human Resources Management as well as Skills Development has equipped her to be a dynamic facilitator, a registered Assessor and Moderator and when not coaching or mentoring, she also has a flair for designing and developing training material.

With her can-do attitude, her ready smile and the ability to connect with employees on all levels in diverse organisations, she ensures that empowering solutions are provided both for the business and at the same time igniting the spark for individuals to reach their full potential.

With corporate, entrepreneurial and community experience, Lee-Anne brings her unique skill set and a wide range of opportunities to our EnQ network.

Lee-Ann Jones is based in Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa and can be contacted at:
E-mail: lee-anne@elims.co.za
Contact Number: 082 924 8366