Lions Hill membership is for adult lions and Young Lions membership is for school students. The resources are presented differently on these platforms. We will require proof of student status for Young Lions membership registrations not done through a school agreement with EnQPractice.

You have the option to use your credit card through the PayPal system. https://www.enqpractice.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/pay_without_paypal_account.jpeg

There is also the direct EFT option. You will find bank details on the registration guidelines for this option. Once we have received proof of payment we will authorise your access to the membership platform manually. Please email proof of payment to lionsupport@enqpractice.com

PayPal is the most trusted and safe systems for payments used globally. PayPal charges a fee of 5% of the purchase price we do not pass that over to the buyer but we use the system because it’s tried and tested. We would recommend opening a PayPal account (it’s free) if you don’t have one for any future online purchases you might need.

Just tell us why you are unhappy and where the system isn’t meeting your expectations and we will address your concerns. We want to know how you feel!

Lion Space is for you: If you are committed to learning the Path of the Lion and working through the resources with the system. Make the commitment to set some time aside each week to review the resources (you can see in advance what is on offer for that Topic). Re-read the chapter at the beginning of the month and then work through the topic following the emails. Trust the process. Do what you need to do. Becoming a little bit of the Lion on the Hill is like becoming a little bit pregnant. There is not such thing.

LionSpace is not for you: If you want us to come and fetch you when you lag behind or lose focus. I believe that effective business leadership requires 100% commitment up front (often with no guarantees). Lion Space offers amazing insights, tools and support to your journey, but it doesn’t work without your commitment. This is your part and needs to be in place before we can do ours.

Before your membership expires, we will send you an option to renew. This will offer you a “maintenance” membership at a lower cost and you can decide if you would like to stay with us at that time.

We have used Facebook as the social media interaction site so many are already on the site. However, we realise not everyone likes Facebook. Our best suggestion (other than get with the times) is to form a Facebook profile that is “miscellaneous” and just use it to join LionSpace1. It’s worth being on this site as this facilitates interaction with the other Lion Space members, all on the same journey, as well as direct contact with Sandy with comments, questions and thoughts.

The development of entrepreneurial intelligence, with the Path of the Lion tools is largely a personal one and has been designed to provide learning, direction and support to the business owner. Of course the business owner is welcome to pass on their learning to their stakeholders in a their leader and mentor and this will always happen “unofficially”. We do have “mastermind” groups having been formed around the concept of EnQ development through to “formally” spread the learning and in these cases we are more than willing to offer a “group” rate so all members can have access to the site resources. For enquiries please just send details of your group (i.e. How many, ages, roles) to us at lionspacesupport@enqpractice.com and we will suggest the best solutions for your scenario.

The email alerts (4-5 per month) are there to alert you to the resources available per topic, according to your membership. As soon as you register, to the paid site, you will have instant access to all topics already loaded. As Lion Space has been recently launched not all topics are completed, but they will be before you get there in the sequence. Of course, you are most welcome to work ahead or behind, its’ entirely your decision. As a business owner we know you will take the responsibility and initiative to work with the resources, as you need them best, and the last thing you need is a dictatorial or limiting system. This system is a subtle guide only. The live webinars for the Webinar Lions might often be out of sequence as different members are at different places but they will always be valuable.

LionSpace has been designed to cover the 12 topics relating to “Path of the Lion” in a sequential layering structure. The free trial covers topic 1 and registrations will start with Topic 2, with instant access to the EnQ Species on -line assessment. All resources relate directly to the Topics and will include Daily Inspiration Quotes, Articles, videos, e-Books, webinars and access to the private Facebook site, LionSpace1.

You can join our public Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ENQ/114714931979417

There is a products page for one off purchases of many of the LionSpace e-Books and webinars at https://www.enqpractice.com/products/

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