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EnQPractice was founded in 2012 with the purpose of assisting entrepreneurs to be successful in what can often be a lonely, stressful and downright frightening environment. Currently EnQPractice is assisting many entrepreneurs globally to develop their Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ).

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What is entrepreneurship?

When we think of entrepreneurship in action, we often think of the big names like Richard Branson and Bill Gates and wonder if we could ever reach that level of success. In fact, for many, it turns us away from entrepreneurship because their levels of success seem an unlikely outcome.

But these two amazing men do not solely define the vast spectrum that is entrepreneurship. At EnQPractice, we have always defined entrepreneurs very simply as anyone who pays their own salary. This definition includes small, sole operators, as well as huge organisations of many staff. Regardless of the size of the business you would like to build, if you are looking after yourself, then you are taking authentic entrepreneurial steps as a business leader.

The EnQ more formal definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is in the process of creating their chosen lifestyle and striving to become the best version of themselves, whilst making a significant and sustainable contribution to their environment and their wider community.

Within the environment of looking after yourself, you will be dealing with aspects of invention; risk, failure and successes but these aspects do not define the nature of entrepreneurship. They are merely the props on the stage you are standing on. The definition of entrepreneurship for you will be more about why you are on the stage, which stage you want to be on, how big you want it to be, and how many others you will lead from your stage.

What is entrepreneurial intelligence and how will having it help me?

Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ for short) is a focus and an awareness intelligence that can be learned to assist entrepreneurs along their journey. In the EnQ curriculum, this is done by exploring the 4 EnQ Species of Entrepreneurs and following the Path of the EnQ Lion. You will use 4 EnQ tools to structure your business and broaden your focus and awareness during the building and learning process.

What does the free trial membership platform offer me?

The Lion Space membership platform has been designed to assist entrepreneurs through the process of developing their EnQ by means of a “layering” process. This is done by working with different topics each month, each building on the previous one, until you have fully followed the path of the EnQ lion. Year 1 is done at ground level and during the following years the concepts are further and further developed and additional content added. Path of the Lion is all about a journey- you are just on the journey with me!

The free trial offers you Topic 1 with all products to support this topic. You will have access to daily inspiration “Paws”, a brand new business article, 2 video presentations, a webinar presentation and information filled e-Book. The topic covered includes the introduction to EnQ, explains why it is all about you and comprehensively covers the “Effort versus Return Entrepreneurial Success Ladder” which is designed to place a context over the entrepreneurial “arena” before we get going.

Here is the timetable of the content categories (topics) to follow, should you join us for the journey beyond the first 30 days:

Month Topic EnQ Tool topic falls under
1 (Free Trial) Why EnQ is all about you and the “Effort versus Return” entrepreneurial success ladder Introduction to EnQ
2 The 4 Entrepreneurial Species The 4-C Quadrant
3 Pointing True North The EnQ Vision Model
4 The Value of You Lion’s paw print
5 Your Natural Leadership Style (COE) Lion’s paw print
6 Sell Yourself Part 1 Lion’s paw print
7 Sell Yourself part 2 Lion’s paw print
8 Positioning Systems and Stakeholders Lion’s paw print
9 Focus by Numbers Part 1 The Business Focus Plan
10 Inspiring Creative Thinking The EnQ Cash Flow Tool
11 Effective Entrepreneurial Leadership The 3-Zone Leadership Model
12 The Ego Effect The 4 Entrepreneurial Species
1 Invitation to re-join for year 2 and /or upgrade membership level.

At the end of the free trial you will be offered the opportunity to join the Lions Hill Full Membership.

As a Lions Hill member on Lion Space, you have full access to the following:

  • A hard copy of Path of the Lion. This will arrive within 3 weeks of you having joined our pride.
  • An e-Book version of Path of the Lion so you can start reading straight away.
  • A daily inspirational paws (business leadership quote) to keep you focused and inspired.
  • A monthly business article by Sandy, as well as guest writers, on topics relevant to business leadership to assist you in your journey.
  • A bank of Sandy’s most popular articles from previous months, related to the current topic of the month.
  • Access to the online EnQ Entrepreneurial Species assessment so you can see immediately towards which territory you might be trending.
  • The 4 Species snapshots e-Book for an in-depth look at the species traits and how they naturally relate to the 14 keys areas of business leadership.
  • Video presentations of the EnQ tools.
  • Downloadable templates for the EnQ tools.
  • Quarterly e-Books from EnQPractice.
  • Monthly webinars from EnQPractice.
  • Access to our private EnQ Lions Facebook page, Lion Space – where you can interact with other EnQ Lions along your journey.

Have a look around the free trial site on topic 1 and please make use of any of the materials available on the site as you please. Many of the resources will be automatically sent to you via email to suit the layering process designed over the next 30 days.

Welcome to our stage we do hope that you enjoy the next 30 days with us!

A hard thing is done by figuring out how to start.” Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz