What we do for Future Business Leaders – Student level

Young Lions – High School and Tertiary level students

Over 80% of our business leaders currently fall into what we call “the failing slowly category”. Research across New Zealand, South Africa and Australia tells us that 9 out of every 10 entrepreneur who starts out will eventually give up.

At EnQ Practice we believe that there is something inherently wrong with the way that our education system is preparing our future business leaders – and we are turning this around with our Path of the Lion workshops for Young Lions.

Why should we work with EnQ Practice to turn this around for our students? Here is why:

  • We offer a 2 full (school day) or 4 half day format workshop to students to develop their EnQ. These formats are available for schools to run in-house, or as a host school to students from their school as well as other schools. Our workshops are both time affordable and cost affordable.

  • We work with our students to set the foundation they will need to develop traits critical to successful entrepreneurship such as resilience, drive, commitment and focus before they take their first entrepreneurial step or choose a career path.

  • “One size does not fit all”. As individuals we are all different and therefore we need to take our uniqueness into account along our learning path. This is effectively done in Path of the Lion in the “4 Entrepreneurial Species” section of the book and workshop. The species analogies which make the entrepreneurial environment simple to understand, is used throughout the Path of the Lion, with an assessment available online, for those who attend a workshop.

  • We teach students how to structure the right people around them, as they will need to leverage way above their capacity as an individual to build a profitable business.

  • Path of the Lion takes the complexity out of the business environment and teaches students how to navigate a world of change – they will need this as it is estimated that over 60% of those leaving school today will be working in industries in the next 10 years that don’t currently exist.

  • Our workshops are structured to anchor the critical learning with challenging and interactive activities.

Future Business Leaders

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Students – you can develop your EnQ in one of 3 ways:

  • Contact us at info@enqpractice.com to find out how to enroll in a workshop in your area

  • Go straight to the Products Page and order your own Path of the Lion hard copy or e-Book (2nd Edition)

  • Have a look at our Facilitators Page and contact the closest one to you to have a chat about how we can help you.