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On this membership level you have full access to the following:

  • A hard copy of Path of the Lion. This will arrive within 2-3 weeks of you having joined our pride.
  • An e-Book version of Path of the Lion so you can start reading straight away.
  • A daily inspirational paws (business leadership quote) to keep you focused and inspired.
  • A monthly business article by Sandy, as well as guest writers, on topics relevant to business leadership to assist you in your journey.
  • A bank of Sandy’s most popular articles from previous months, related to the current topic of the month.
  • Access to the online EnQ Entrepreneurial Species assessment so you can see immediately towards which territory you might be trending.
  • The 4 Species snapshots e-Book for an in-depth look at the species traits and how they naturally relate to the 14 keys areas of business leadership.
  • Video presentations of the EnQ tools.
  • Downloadable templates for the EnQ tools.
  • Quarterly e-Books from EnQPractice.
  • Monthly-Quarterly webinars from EnQPractice.
  • Access to our private EnQ Lions Facebook page where you can interact with other EnQ Lions along your journey.
  • Full access to the EnQPractice conferences, in the major city closest to you (travel and accommodation not included).

Lion Space is designed to take you through the Path of the Lion in a “layering” process to build your Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ). You have joined the membership platform suitable to those who want access to the Path of the Lion tools to work through in their own time, both in terms of reading material and visual assistance, whilst staying in close connection with us through our daily inspirational paws, our monthly business articles and our quarterly webinars. You will also be joining us at our annual conference, designed to “refill” you by absorbing lots of helpful information, interacting with other business leaders on the same journey and learning from experts to further build your EnQ.

Have a look around and please make use of any of the materials available on the site as you please. Many of the resources will be automatically sent to you via email to suit the layering process designed over the next 12 months. Don’t worry if there are any gaps in the content on the platform right now, these will be filled well before the month that you need them.  I also reserve the right to send out additional writing and resources that aren’t specifically noted in the bundle above, when the inspiration presents itself, without detracting from the simple and easy to manage structure of the content delivery.

Intro to lion space webinars

EnQ Species webinar

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Hi [wlm_firstname], your current membership level [wlm_memberlevel]entitles you to attend our annual conference free, excluding travel and accommodation.
Click here to print your entrance ticket to our annual ENQ Conference, on the 25th February 2015, at the DTI Conference centre, 50 Long Avenue, Auckland.