Sandy as a Leadership Speaker

As well as leading her two companies and her training practice, Sandy is an experienced, informative and delightfully engaging business speaker. She travels frequently between New Zealand, Australia and South Africa to present her leadership work around EnQ and Path of the Lion to audiences across industries.

Most common words used to describe Sandy as a speaker are “intelligent”, “engaging”, “inspiring” and “relevant”. Most common phrase in her feedback is “she walks her talk”.

Sandy is a popular speaker both with businessmen and businesswomen groups due to her background, experiences and her insightful and unqiue leadership work.


This is what Sandy’s event organisers and audience members have had to say:

Superb presentation

Sandy your presentation was superb! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with us!”

Patti Graham
Founder, Fine Women Network, Cape Town

Sandy's three keys

"Sandy Geyer‘s Three Keys‘ presentation engaged the business networking audience with a great blend of entrepreneurial intelligence and anecdotes. Her energy and enthusiasm created a warm atmosphere, while her personal examples of entrepreneurial failures and triumphs resonated with our business and community leaders. There is no doubt that Sandy is the lady you should talk to should you wish to lead your pride."

3 Keys Team
Palmerston North, NZ

Bringing passion to the audience

‘Sandy brought passion, aplomb and rich tacit experience to our audience who delighted in learning about the four types of entrepreneurs, where they might personally fit and how different styles of entrepreneurial characters may work in cohesion”.

Graham Wakeling
Publisher, South Australia in-business

Sandy is a powerful speaker

I would thoroughly recommend Sandy as a speaker. Her presentation was interesting, fascinating, informative, useful and also entertaining.  Sandy is totally confident with her material content, and has a very high standard of presentation, being professional, yet warm and relaxed.  It is my pleasure to recommend her.

Lynette Barrow
Women in Business, Kapiti Chamber, New Zealand

Listen to her

“Sandy’s content is a must have for any businessperson. She is someone who walks her talk."

Tracey Olivier
Founder and President of KBN, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

So captivating

"WOW! Sandy is a captivating and absolutely a wonderful keynote speaker with a wonderful energy that is warm and enticing and really draws you in. Sandy’s recent presentation was professional all the way with first class information and delivery. We recommend Sandy to any organization who wants the best possible speaker that you can trust."

Natalie Moutia
Founder and Director, Success Women’s Network, Australia. Sydney