About Sandy Geyer

After a career start in corporate sales Sandy Geyer co founded one of South Africa’s most successful educational publishing companies, Allcopy Publishers Pty Ltd in 1996 as well as a property investment company, Quickvest Pty Ltd, in 2004 and continues to lead both. Her entrepreneurial journey was driven by her desire to be an available mother whilst still contributing professionally to her environment. Her two children are now 24 and 21 respectively and are both on their own exciting career journeys. They say that the biggest gift their mother’s entrepreneurial journey has given them is watching how she deals with frequent, and sometimes massive failure.

Sandy Geyer & Alan

Sandy currently lives in Auckland, with her husband of 25 years and travels frequently between New Zealand, Australia and South Africa professionally as a leadership speaker, entrepreneurial trainer and business leader. She says South Africa taught her resilience, New Zealand taught her patience and Australia taught her Thought Leadership. She has a deep love for and desire to give back to all three countries.

Sandy has experienced diverse leadership roles from her early schools days as a prefect, through her piping career as the first female Pipe Major of Benoni High School Pipe Band and the first female Pipe Major of Hamilton Caledonian Pipe Band in New Zealand.

In 2012 Sandy founded EnQPractice in New Zealand, with the specific purpose of assisting other business leaders, future business leaders, academic leaders and corporate leaders to develop an effective entrepreneurial and navigational mind set and skill set, relevant to their own career paths.

Sandy is described by her colleagues as an inspiring, driven, fair, intelligent and a kind yet courageous business leader.

She has a degree in Industrial Psychology (BA), is a certified DISC communication trainer, an acccredited speaker (NZNSA) and has 20 years experience in running her own successful companies.

Sandy is pictured here with her brother, Alan Jonker – co business leader, supportive writing content editor for her EnQ material and popular wildlife and birdlife photographer. Sandy attributes much of her success to the ongoing support of her family.