Abbotts College, Claremont

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As per usual teachers are sometimes very reluctant to attend a staff development programme that will be stretched over more than an hour. But the eight staff members at Abbotts who attended the ‘Circles of Empowerment for Academic Leadership’ training programme were astounded by the manner in which the workshop was conducted.

The teachers were actively involved in the pre-work until and during the actual 4 hour seminar. It gave them great insights into their strengths and behaviours. It taught them how to function successfully in a team consisting of multiple personalities and strengths and how one team member’s strengths can compensate for another’s weakness. The seminar tickled the interest of every participant to such an extent that there was no time for boredom to creep in.

Through all the laughter and fun experienced during the seminar derives a sense of understanding and how to tread softly on the personalities and emotions of others.

We were fortunate to be part of the ‘Circles of Empowerment for Academic Leadership’ training programme and I would encourage other schools to get involved.