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I am sure that you, like me, receive a number of unsolicited flyer-type e-mails offering all kinds of staff development courses and the like. Many of them deserve no more than a cursory glance. From time to time, however, there are products that are certainly well put together and genuinely beneficial to staff. One such offering is the Effective Communication for Teachers (Circles of Empowerment) workshop presented by Mind Action Mentors, in association with Allcopy Publishers.

Sandy Geyer ran a pilot workshop for the Executive team at Bridge House in August this year, and the shift in relationships within the team was almost instant, but lasting.

The workshop was non-threatening, enlightening, highly informative and helpful, and also a lot of fun. We gained real insights into what makes each one of us tick, and how to understand and get the very best out of our colleagues in the team.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that came from this learning was the acquisition of a safe language which now allows us to be frank with each other, but without that frankness becoming personal.

We were an effective team before the workshop; we are far more effective and at ease with each other now.

It is therefore a real pleasure not only to recommend Effective Communication for Teachers (Circles of Empowerment) to you, but also to commend Sandy as a knowledgeable, professional and sensitive facilitator.