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Our entire management undertook the Circles of Empowerment session. The pre-work from each member was undertaken smoothly, efficiently and easily from AllCopy publishers. The team was not subjected to endless forms and faxes, instead the use of technology contributed to a painless process.

The results from the pre-workshop questionnaires were absolutely spot-on. Each and every team member shared how their personal reports were “exactly me” or “that is so me”. This paved the way for a workshop that was completely relevant, based on our specific team and a good foundation for further Strategic Planning as a team.

The workshop itself was informative, structured and simply invaluable in terms of our team building. One of the few workshops we thoroughly enjoyed as a Management Team.

Marguerite Hull was a more than competent, intuitive and accommodating facilitator. A lady who keenly shared her knowledge and brought her experience to create a safe and constructive space within which team members could share, explore and learn É Both about themselves and other team members.

NHHS would highly recommend AllCopy Publishers’ Circles of Empowerment workshop to all school leaders and managers and we are looking forward to completing Stage 2 of the Circles of Empowerment Training programme.

Want your team to work together more closely? Want to structure your system toward staff strengths? Want staff members who have a better understanding of themselves in terms of their career development? Give AllCopy Publishers a call!