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Marguerite Hull of All Copy Publishers facilitated the Circles of Empowerment Workshop for the Rhodes High School Management Team on Saturday, 22 February 2014, at the River Club, Observatory, Cape Town.

Prior to the workshop, each member of the School Management Team was asked to complete two questionnaires online, which essentially identified their leadership style and the strengths that each person contributes to the team. This preparatory work helped bring the workshop to life, and provided part of the framework for the facilitator to work through the material presented.

Marguerite’s expertise and the openness of each participant enabled a successful morning of sharing, and gaining understanding of one another. The workshop brought fresh insights, and these will enable the team to function even more successfully in the future.

The workshop proved to be enlightening, interesting, and fruitful for the team. This process will enable both personal growth, and more effective management of Rhodes High School.

The school looks forward to the rolling out of this programme to other members of the Rhodes High School community. The Circles of Empowerment Workshop is highly recommended by Rhodes High School.