What makes EnQPractice unique in our training offerings?

EnQPractice combines the expertise of three leaders in the field of emotional intelligence, with research conducted in three countries, to introduce a training offer of exceptional quality and affordability to companies in New Zealand. This is our team:

Circles of Empowerment Training for Business by EnQPractice

Who are we?

EnQPractice (www.enqpractice.com) is an Auckland based training company that specialises in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training for businesses. Our training programme is called Circles of Empowerment.

How would Circles of Empowerment (EQ) training benefit our company?

EQ teaches business leaders, business employees and business stakeholders the following;

  • Self- Awareness (of our natural interaction styles)
  • Awareness of others (to recognise the interaction styles of those we work alongside)
  • Conflict Resolution (how to manage conflict effectively and constructively within our work teams)
  • Team alignment (placing our team members into areas aligned to their unique strengths for increased goal achievement)

Sandy Geyer

Business Leader, Author, international Speaker and trainer and founder of EnQPractice. Sandy combines her formal training in industrial psychology with her understanding of the challenges and needs of modern companies to pioneer relevant and empowering training programmes for todays business needs.

Hillary Haynes

As one of Australias top corporate trainers in Emotional Intelligence Hilary contributes a powerful leading edge to the content included in the EnQPractice training offerings

Lynn-Mari Blokker

As a highly qualified Industrial Psychologist, Lynn brings her extensive facilitation experience to the EnQ offering to maximise the postive experience and benefits of our training to all business individuals and teams

How will I know if the COE training offerings will work for our company need or the needs of my colleagues?

We don’t expect you to decide from an email or brochure. One of our trained facilitators is happy to meet with you to discuss your challenges, needs and expectations and will work with you to formulate the best solution for your company. To arrange an appointment at a suitable time please contact one of our facilitators below, or email us at info@enqpractice to make the arrangment for you.

Lynn-Mari Blokker: lynn-mari@enqpractice.com

Yvette Thorburn-Stoupe: Yvette@enqpractice.com

Roberta Soebadio: Roberta@enqpractice.com

I am concerned that the training costs could be higher than what we can afford.

Tradtional Corporate training of this nature costs between $650 and $1500 per attendee. At EnQPractice we can offer the same quality training delivery from only $250 per attendee. We do have minimum and maximum numbers but we will work with you to offer the training you need, over a period of time, and at the rate that you can afford.

Time is as big an issue to us as is money.

Most of our training session are 4 hours long and can be fitted into a half-day format to ensure that your staff are not distracted from their roles for too long.

What other training areas do you offer?

As 4 hour workshops we also offer the following areas of expertise to your company:

  • “Sell Yourself” for sales teams
  • Path of the Lion (Entpreneurial Intelligence) for Business leaders
  • Time Out – Effective Time Management
  • It’s all about You – Customer Service
  • You are what you Eat- Personal Nutrition for today’s business world
  • Colour me Confident- Personal Branding

We also offer year –end and conference style events.

If you are looking for “fun whilst learning” style events – our training products offerings include african drumming workshops and conference style activities. Please ask our project facilitators for more details if you are looking for an affordable, fun and learning experience for your team, now or at the end of the year.

Does EnQPractice come recommended in New Zealand?

Please ask us for a comprehensive list of our clients, and what they had to say about their training experiences with us.