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What does the Young Lion membership platform offer me?

On this membership level, you have full access to the resources on the site for the older lions, including:

  • An e-Book version of Path of the Lion so you can start reading straight away.
  • A daily inspirational paws (business leadership quote) to keep you focused and inspired.
  • A monthly business article by Sandy, as well as guest writers, on topics relevant to business leadership to assist you in your journey.
  • A bank of Sandy’s most popular articles from previous months, related to the current topic of the month.
  • Access to the online EnQ Entrepreneurial Species (the exclusive Young Lions Version) assessment so you can see immediately towards which territory you might be trending.
  • The 4 Species snapshots e-Book for an in-depth look at the species traits and how they naturally relate to the 14 keys areas of business leadership.
  • Access to our private Young Lions Facebook page where you can interact with other Young Lions along your journey from other countries
  • You will be notified of the Monthly webinars running on related topics hosted by Sandy and including some exciting guest speakers
  • The invitation to purchase tickets to the annual Young Lions Conference

Have a look around and please make use of any of the materials available on the site as you please. Many of the resources will be automatically sent to you via email depending upon how your school decides to integrate them. Be sure to engage with others in the EnQ Young Lions community on the social media site link.


Topic 2 PPT format final 4 species

Topic 3 Are you feeling lost in your business?

Topic 3 Our 2 most powerful business drivers with guest presenter Colleen Qvist

Topic 4 Business leaders – You are what you Eat

Topic 4 The Value of You in Colour

Topic 5 Sell Yourself

Topic 6 Conflict management for business owners

Topic 7 Sell Yourself 2

Topic 8 Lioness circle of Influence

Private Social Media site link for all EnQ Member to share experiences, advice and successes about their entrepreneurial journey.


Conference product coming soon.