“We cannot become an expert at what we do until we become an expert at who we are”.
Sandy Geyer

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Please read further to learn all about what we do and how we can help you in your leadership role as a business leader, future business leader, academic leader or student leader.

Who is EnQPractice?

EnQPractice was founded in 2012, by business leader and author, Sandy Geyer, with the specific purpose of assisting business leaders, future student leaders and academic leaders leaders to develop their Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ).

Sandy’s book “Path of the Lion”, first published in 2013 is regularly updated and offers a clear pathway for the personal development of Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ) for business leaders and future business leaders. The resources and tools offered in Path of the Lion are relevant across industries.

“Sandy Geyer’s “Path of the Lion” is a brilliant read for anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur, or who feels like they’re tangled in the undergrowth or mired in the quicksand of the entrepreneurial jungle. Filled with wisdom that can only be learned and passed on by those who “walk their talk”, Sandy is the real deal”.

Richard Liew, Founder, NZ Entrepreneur Magazine.

Sandy also works in the area of Leadership development by means of the Circles of Empowerment Workshops designed for both student leaders and academic staff in school leadership roles. She is currently engaged in her Doctorate of Professional Practice (DPP) where she is researching how the concept of leadership introduced at school level can be better translated into self-leadership – a key leadership competency for all types of leadership and most specifically, Entrepreneurial Leadership.

What is Entrepreneurial Intelligence?

Entrepreneurial Intelligence is a “focus and awareness” intelligence that differs to IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and can be learned, grown and practiced. It differs to EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and is specifically linked to the sequence of business building for an entrepreneur, from the inside out.  Resilience, focus, leadership, collaboration and navigation – all key competencies related to successful entrepreneurship can be developed through the process of building EnQ.

Build your EnQ - Build your Business

How do I develop my Entrepreneurial Intelligence?

EnQPractice, in collaboration with our Facilitation Partners, offers interactive and affordable workshops in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Our workshops are limited in group size and designed to anchor the learning process through engaging and professionally packaged activities.

Sandy’s Books, the EnQ Assessment, e-Books and webinars are also available for purchase separately on the Products Page.

Can I start to build my Entrepreneurial Intelligence if I am still a student?

Absolutely! EnQ is most powerful when developed early and to this end we offer the following two options:

  • A 2 day Path of the Lion workshop for students that specialises in the development of EnQ
  • A 4 hour Circles of Empowerment Student Leader Workshops that specialize in the development of self- awareness, self – leadership and the concept of leadership.

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