“We cannot become experts at what we do, until we become experts at who we are.”

Dr. Sandy Geyer

Welcome to EnQPractice

I am Sandy Geyer, I founded EnQPractice in 2012 and worked in the fields of entrepreneurial, student and academic leadership in both New Zealand and South Africa for over 12 years. I have a doctorate of professional practice (DPP) in the preparation of future leaders.

Currently my research focuses on the design and implementation of online courses called Leadership Literacy for Life. As a secondary school leadership development programme, these assist and support both students and teachers to navigate leadership roles within traditional school structures, in an affordable and accessible manner.

The content creates a personal leadership identity for each student, alongside their adolescent identity development. The content also offers key foundational learning and preparation for all future leadership roles that students may experience within in their careers and their community. 

I always welcome your feedback and thoughts and you are welcome to email me directly with these at info@enqpractice.com

Dr. Sandy Geyer

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The EnQ in EnQPractice stands for Entrepreneurial Intelligence. This is a “focus and awareness” intelligence that differs to IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and can be learned, grown, and practiced. EnQ also differs to EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and is specifically linked to the sequence of business building for an entrepreneur, from the inside out. 

Resilience, focus, leadership, collaboration, and navigation – all key competencies related to successful entrepreneurship can be developed through the process of building EnQ. The Leadership Literacy for Life courses lay the foundational skills for EnQ. EnQ refers to a self-awareness and self-leadership intelligence vital to everyone, not only entrepreneurs. Strong skills form a solid base and play a role in developing highly effective leaders.

We offer the following two options to develop these skills:

Leadership Literacy for Life

The Leadership Literacy for Life (LL4L) online courses which specialise in secondary school leadership development in the areas of self-awareness and self-leadership.

Path of the Lion

The Path of the Lion book which specialises in the development of EnQ for all business and future business leaders.

Watch this space for the Path of the Lion online courses that are currently in development.

Our Top Courses

Leadership Literacy for Life Year 9/Grade 8

The LL4L Grade 8/Year 9 Course for first year high school students.

Leadership Literacy for Life for Elected Student Leaders

This is a facilitator-led course to prepare students for their year ahead as leaders.

Leadership Literacy for Life Year 12/Grade 11

The LL4L Grade 11/Year 12 Course for second last year of high school students.

Communication Styles

We each have a primary and secondary communication style that we use to interact with others. There are four communication styles, namely, Pioneer, Excellence, Insight, and Inspiration. Our courses are designed around these communication styles and will provide you with more information about your own primary style and how to use it to interact with and lead or influence others.

Would you like to know what your communication style is?

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Would you like to start your journey to becoming an expert at who you are?

We have prepared a free sample module to introduce you to the Learning Literacy for Life courses, as well as to give you an idea of what our courses look like and how they work.

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Don’t just take our word for it …

See what students have to say about their experiences of: self-awareness, self-leadership, leadership through conflict, and the positive influence of others. 

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