Path of the Lion

Entrepreneurial Leaders

My book, Path of the Lion was released as a book in late 2012. From 2013 to 2018, I toured through New Zealand, Australia and South Africa where I presented My work to entrepreneurial and other enterprise and business leaders.

Using the analogy of four entrepreneurial “species” of entrepreneurs, Path of the Lion offers a clear pathway for entrepreneurial leaders to develop their Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ).

My work successfully reached many other influential thinkers and thought leaders, and this is what some of them had to say:

“The concept of EnQ is an exciting one and Sandy’s work comes at a crucial time as entrepreneurship promises to play an increasingly important role in the future of business worldwide”.

Matt Church, Founder, Thought Leaders Global 

“Path of the Lion helped me with clear clarity around uncovering my own strengths, weaknesses and “work on areas”. Sandy’s style and insights were unique in so many ways and I am confident that if I now apply my learnings and strategies my success as an entrepreneur is so much more assured”.

Clif Shaw, Business Coach, Facilitator and BNI Director NZ

Path of the Lion Workshops

In 2015 Path of the Lion was developed into an interactive workshop format for both entrepreneurial leaders and future entrepreneurial leaders. The Path of the Lion workshops for future leaders were successfully run in New Zealand and South Africa.

The Future of Entrepreneurial Leadership

It was working closely with both current and future entrepreneurial leaders by means of the Path of the Lion work, that inspired my doctoral research project to explore the gap between student leadership experiences and entrepreneurial leadership demands. This research led to the creation of the Leadership Literacy for Life on-line intervention courses.

Leadership Literacy for Life proposes, by means of a researched new theory of leadership preparation called Seeding Leadership theory, that a personal leadership identity can be created for our future leaders, alongside their identity development as adolescents.

“Sandy Geyer’s “Path of the Lion” is a brilliant read for anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur, or who feels like they’re tangled in the undergrowth or mired in the quicksand of the entrepreneurial jungle. Filled with wisdom that can only be learned and passed on by those who “walk their talk”, Sandy is the real deal”.

Richard Liew, Founder, NZ Entrepreneur Magazine.

You Too Can Become a Great Leader

Path of the Lion was last updated in 2017 (3rd Edition) and can be downloaded as a PDF, free of charge with our compliments. This work is currently under construction to be released in online learning format within the next 18 months.

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