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2024 Webinar Series 1

Unlocking Leadership Potential: Evidence-Based Strategies for Effective School Leadership Development

Presenter: Dr. Sandy Geyer

The session will focus on nurturing leadership within educational institutions and instilling essential leadership qualities in students. Dr. Geyer will delve into the latest research and insights in the field of school leadership, covering key topics such as supporting staff leadership teams’ transition to a cohesive unit, adolescent identity development, fostering personal leadership identity in students, and growing leadership learning for student leader applicants.

The presentation topics:

  • Understanding Leadership: Definitions and Key Concepts
  • Evolution of Leadership Theories: Insights from Current Research
  • Aligning School Leadership Teams for Optimal Performance (Tier One)
  • Empowering Student Leaders within School Structures (Tier Two)
  • Cultivating Future Leaders: Engaging the Entire Student Body (Tier Three)

Q&A Session:

  • An open forum to address any questions or thoughts from the attendees.

The Webinar will take place:

Date: Wednesday July 3rd, 2024
Time: 9am to 10.30am South African time / 7pm to 8.30pm New Zealand Time
Duration: 90 minutes

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I always welcome your feedback and thoughts.

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Given the importance of interactive discussions and personlised attention, spaces for this event will be limited. RSVP’s will close one week before each scheduled event or as each event becomes fully booked. 


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Join us for an enticing afternoon of learning, leadership team dynamics discovery, networking, and collaboration. Refreshments will be served during the event. We expect the event to take about 90 minutes including the presentation and discussion time. 

We look forward to your presence as we collectively embark on a journey to shape the future of leadership within our educational institutions. 


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